We are focused on three main areas:


Our main activity is to bring the research in:
Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptography and Quantum Computing to help the industries to reach their potential.


    Data is 21st century oil and analyzes the combustion engine. Enterprises realize the great value contained in the amount of data they accumulate and store, which is waiting to be unlocked. We helps businesses develop and create smart systems to fully exploit such data.


  3. A lot of studies and examples have shown that when an information security violation or attack is reported, there are immediate financial consequences for the relevant company with sufficient financial losses. We help the organization to comply with state-of-the-artinformation security requirements.


    We adopt a specific approach that takes as input the context and unique business processes within your organization and maps it to a customized Blockchain/DLT architecture that meets your business requirements and constraints.


  3. We are unpacking and developing the fundamental building blocks of quantum computing, from quantum circuits to the creation of quantum programs and algorithms.

    Build programs that solve existing problems using IBM Quantum systems that, at the moment, is the most common and available quantum hardware in the world. Developing quantum has never been more usable.

    Integrate quantum into the workflows with high-level libraries built for science and business applications.


A flexible education for a dynamic world. The only limitations to the learning experience we have are the ones you impose on yourself. Join one of our cutting-edge, future-focused, andmind-blowing programs.

Practical training and problem-solving for the real world empower our classes. Our immersive experiences provide our students along with all the experience, know-how,specialized skills, and motivation they need to come back into the fold and build an incredible future.
We offer 1-to-1 lectures, seminars and courses.

Enroll for free to our corses that are offered for free at Università della Calabria to the students of the Master in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Individual Savings Account is an investment in you.

Most schools make money, whether or not their students excel. Our education system is taking a new approach. We'll cover the expense of your early education and you'll pay 17 percent of your salary for three years until you've earned an annual income of 28k € or more.

OneZero Binary Education Income Share Agreement on a glance: We finance your tuition until you get at least 28k € a year. There is no down payment. If you are employed, you can start making monthly payments based on your salary. If, for whatever reason, the annual income dips below 28k €, payments will immediately be stopped.

OneZero Binary Education


Do you have a fantastic idea that you'd like to share with the rest of the world? Is your company facing unthinkable challenges?

Reach out to us and let us assist you in making your ideas a reality. To help you find the answers to your questions, we use start-up approaches and problem-solving mechanisms like immersive seminars, hackathons, incubators, and laboratories.

If your company has a project, an idea or a vision that you believe could be approached using blockchain technologies and machine learning or that could unlock the power for your business, we can have our most talented developers working on it. Alternatively, we could train your engineers on this topic.

If you are not sure how to describe your project, our blockchain experts will advise and assist you in developing your project into a specific concept with clearly specified deliverables.

  • Extract inputs from big data

    Automate repetitive tasks

  • Conquering New Markets


Specialising in consumer experience and software development, we combine emerging technology with creative innovation to deliver powerful internet applications that perfectly fulfill the needs of our customers.


A blockchain solution that allows language institutions to certify their students in astandardized and balanced framework that ensures the accuracy and acknowledgement ofthe exams provided.

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Chronostamp® is the interpretation of the certification/notarisation of a digital asset in theBlockchain. It's like keeping/storing a digital asset in a ledger at a given moment.

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Blockchain Transactions Risks Detector (BIRD)

Based on historical blockchain transaction records, create a dedicated Neural Network (NN) model that could be used in the Agent Based Model (ABM) network to forecast illegal behavior. Present a novel method or model to study and evaluate the interaction between users (wallets) and transactions on a blockchain. The outcomes should be taken by financialins titutions that could constantly track and perform adequate due diligence processes to identify and deter malicious activity on the basis of the applicable anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.


MyPerformancesis a blockchain solution that enables language institutions to certify their students through use of a standardized and balanced mechanism that ensures the accuracy and acknowledgement of the exams provided.

Standardize the language assessments and grant them the same authority and recognition between all the institutions.

● Ensure that all results and documentation are documented through transactions using dedicated blockchain technologies and, as a result, ensure that all members of the
network have access to services on the basis of their rights, which are managed by smart contracts stipulated time by time between them;
● Encrypt and secure all user data and ensure that their information(such as the results of the exam)are encrypted in the blockchain and are always available;
● The right to earn Academic Coins (monetary scheme used in MyPerformances) for all players in the system: those who create assessments,those who validate them, institutions who will be a Certification Examination Center for MyPerformance Certification, and those who deserve to earn academic coins depending on their results during the exam sessions.

MyPerformances is an opportunity for organizations to host validation directly issued by a scheme consisting of a set of items previously approved by at least three institutions and reviewed by a dedicated Language Scientific Committee.


Step 1 - Download Safe Exam Browser

Download and Install the Safe Exam Browser. Click the button below to start the download. Then click "Open" or ‘’Run’’ to start the installation.

Step 2 - Start Demo Exam

Congratulations! You are ready to start your assessment. Click the button to start.

Information about Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser is a web browser environment to carry out e-assessments safely. The software turns any computer temporarily into a secure workstation. It controls access to resources like system functions, other websites and applications and prevents unauthorized resources being used during an exam.

SEB runs on a local computer and it is connected via the internet to a learning management system (LMS) or an e-assessment system. Generally SEB works with any web based LMS and other kinds of web based exam systems. Some learning management systems (LMS) like for example Moodle, ILIAS, OpenOLAT and exam solutions as Inspera Assessment offer a quiz mode specifically compatible with SEB.

SEB consists of a kiosk application and a browser part, which are running on an examination computer or tablet device. The kiosk application locks down the examination computer, the browser part communicates over the internet (or a LAN) with the quiz module of an LMS running on a server.


In short, Chronostamp® is the interpretation of the certification/notarization of a digital asset in the Blockchain. It's likekeeping/storing a digital asset in a ledger at a specific moment. It might beused as a verb. For example, "have you already chronostamped™ your academic degree?"

This action/name (chronostamp®) represents a mark, a trust worthy attribute attached to the original digital asset.

It is designed on the basis of a combination of technologies such as Stripe and SumUp that are used to allow users to purchase chronostamps®, IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to physically store digital assets, its own Blockchain based on Lisk, and a side blockchain called Symbol that is used to permanently record chronostamp® actions, and RFID which ensure the ownership and the content of the chronostamped®  digital asset at a precise moment in time.

Registered trademark on 18/12/2020


Digital Asset Ownership

Using Chronostamp® is possible to transfer the ownership of a digital asset between users of the system. Any time a transition of ownership is agreed by the future owner,a new transaction will be processed in the blockchain.
For each digital asset, thus, it would be possible to check all the owners that it has in its history.

Track History

In addition, the system would enable users to monitor and update the history of each digital asset that will be chronostamped®. It would also therefore be possible to review the previous iterations of the content of each digital asset included in the system.


The application will provide the possibility to distribute RFID tags before they are chronostamped®.
This will allow users to add RFID tags to products and chronostamp® them only when they are sold. The technician in charge to chronostamp® products must have a mapping relationship between the RFID tag and the item where the tag is used.


On the basis of entries that may be applied to a digital asset, such as e-mail address, mobile number or expiration date, the software will allow the user to set up a notification service that will remind the user (or himself) through e-mail, push notifications to the nearest expiration of a digital asset that must be renewed or replaced by a new one.

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